Izzy The Jeweler.

Managing Partner, COO
Instagram : @IzzyJeweler

Well known as one of the best jewelers worldwide, izzy the jeweler brings his one of a kind PERSONALITY and expert knowledge of every aspect of the JEWELRY industry to the team. Similar to Gavriel's own journey, his also began working hard as a flyer boy on the streets of the diamond district. his tireless hustle and SEEMINGLY effortless ability to relate to clients from all walks of life, quickly led to his being well known throughout the industry as one of the best salesmen in the game. Couple that with his ability to create some of the most sought after custom jewelry pieces; izzy the jeweler is a force to be reckoned with.

networking with top tier athletes, entertainers, business magnates, and celebrities from coast to coast, its no wonder izzy the jeweler oversees the day to day operations of the business. partnering with Gavriel in 2017 he now serves as our COO.